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Ruby Red Shoes Book

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Ruby Red Shoes: A delightfully sweet Children's Book Series

Introduce young readers to the enchanting world of Ruby Red Shoes with this super sweet first book in the series. Written with tender care, Ruby's character shines through as she exemplifies gentleness, kindness, and a deep love for all living things - from plants and trees to animals and people.

Join Ruby on her delightful adventures as she spreads warmth and compassion in her charming way. Discover her fondness for strawberry jam and peppermint tea, adding a touch of whimsy to her endearing personality.

This beautiful hardcover book is a must-have addition to any child's collection. With its captivating illustrations and heartwarming storytelling, it is sure to engage and inspire young readers. Immerse yourself in Ruby's world and experience the joy of her uplifting tales.

Don't miss out on the next captivating books in the Ruby Red Shoes series, each one brimming with delightful characters and magical moments. Dive into Ruby's world and let her kindness and compassion inspire young hearts.

This is the first book of this wonderful series. Make sure you check out the next books in the series - Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris, Ruby Red Shoes goes to London and the some of her learning books, such as Ruby Red Shoes Alphabet Book and Ruby Red Shoes Counting Book.

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