Finding Muchness Book
Finding Muchness Book

Finding Muchness Book

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"How to add more life to life"

Another super special children's book written by New York best selling author, Yobi Yamada

How to find muchness? What is it? Muchness is the feeling of hope, joy, imagination that we all carry as we enter this world. As time goes on, and we take on more responsibilities and stresses, our worries and doubts find a way to grow with us, which can cause us to loose our 'muchness'. This sweet book by Kobi Yamada helps us to find it again.

Finding Muchness follows the adventures of a sweet, little duckling who is on a journey to live a heart-led life. It is a tale of wisdom and inspiration to live a full, brave, caring life and encourages us to get the most out of our lives.

A special book to gift on a birthday, for a newborn baby, as graduation present, for someone starting a new job or venture, leaving to go on retirement or has had a major life change. It is a book that can resonate with anybody at any age, not just for children.

From the author of Maybe and What Do You Do With A Problem. Illustrated by Charles Santoso.

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