Sand free beach towel with a picture of Newcastle on it
A rolled up beach towel
Man holding newy beach towel
Photo of Newcastle beach towel
Backpack to hold your beach towel

Fresh Newy Beach Towel

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As a local Newcastle business, we love sharing our beautiful city with our friends and family around the world.

As lovers of the beach here in Newy, we can't think of a better gift. A unique, sand free beach towel celebrating our beautiful city. This sand free beach towel features an iconic picture of Newcastle beach with Nobby's in the background, with Newcastle's co-ordinated printed on the bottom.

This towel is a fast drying towel - it dried 2x faster than a regular beach towel and comes with a free backpack to keep all your beach essentials safe, including your towel. It folds up nice and small and saves loads of space in your backpack. It absords 3 x more water than a cotton towel.

It is a full sized beach towel - 80 x 160cm. 

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