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Transform Your Space with Jones and Co Wall Art

Decorating your walls doesn't have to be a daunting task involving tape measuring and levels. Our capiz shell wall art pieces from Jones and Co are a simple way to add colour and artwork to your space without stress.

Why Capiz Shell?

Our wall art from Jones and Co is crafted from capiz shell, sourced from the windowpane oyster, a culinary delight in the Philippines. The high quality of the capiz shell ensures durability and longevity while also having a subtle translucency due to the meticulously pressed layers its made from.

The lustrous capiz shell not only catches and reflects light but also enhances the playful designs on each tile while still being lightweight enough to hang on your walls. Each pieces has a hook on the back, so you can hang them up with a tiny nail or even some 3M Velcro command strips, or a thumbtack for the smaller, lighter pieces. 

They look great paired together in a gallery wall style, alongside other prints. Or you can pair them alongside some posters or photographs and create a mood board style display with them. They instantly lift the room and are an easy way to spark some joy in your home.

Which design should I choose?

Soleil Collection - Bring a touch of tropical paradise into your home with pieces from the Soleil collection. Immerse yourself in the warm hues and vibrant energy of original artwork featuring palm trees, the sun and dolphins. The sunset tones really create a serene atmosphere that transports you to the heart of a tropical getaway.

Jones and Co Soleil Palm Wall Art


Golden Rainbow Red - Brighten up any space with the adorable Golden Rainbow Red design, showcasing a super cute rainbow that symbolises hope, happiness, and unity. Hang it on your walls to instantly infuse positivity into your surroundings, creating a playful and uplifting ambiance. This versatile piece pairs seamlessly with other Jones and Co tiles, like the Golden Love Tile or Golden Heart Tile. 

Golden Rainbow Wall Art by Jones and Co

Dog Tiles - Indulge your love for dogs with the charming Dog Tile range by Jones and Co. These small, envelope-sized tiles are not just a tribute to your four-legged companion but also a playful addition to any gallery wall. 

Dog Wall Art by Jones and Co


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