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Top 10 Must-Have Gifts for Welcoming a Newborn Baby

Welcoming a new life into the world is an extraordinary and heartwarming experience. It's an opportunity to express your love and adoration for the precious bundle of joy.

To help you find the perfect gift that embodies warmth, comfort, and joy, we've curated a list of 10 must-have presents from Zebra Finch. These thoughtful and enchanting gifts are sure to delight both the baby and the parents. The ideal present for a baby shower, a Christening or a naming ceremony.

1. Maybe Book - Introduce the newborn to the wonderful world of storytelling with beautifully illustrated keepsake children's books such as "Maybe"  - a motivational book about the endless potential of all of us. These timeless treasures will create lasting memories and cultivate a love for reading from an early age. Don't forget to add a Maybe plush pig to compliment the book.

2. You Belong Here Book -  Embark on a heartwarming journey with "You Belong Here", a timeless children's book that celebrates the beauty of belonging. Through its gentle narrative, this keepsake storybook serves as a poignant reminder to little ones that they are right where they belong.

3. Tiny Perfect Things Book - Another timeless children's book called "Tiny Perfect Things", about a child and their grandfather whose walk around the neighbourhood leads to a day of wonder. You could pair this book with the next book from this author called "Over and Over".

4. Baby Blanket - Nothing compares to the softness and warmth of a baby blanket, making it the ideal gift for a precious newborn to cherish and snuggle up with. Our range of Indus baby blankets make the perfect newborn gift. From their soft and cozy texture to their charming designs, these blankets are destined to become treasured keepsakes throughout a child's early years.

5. Jellycat Bunny - There's nothing quite like the bond between a child and their cuddly toy. It becomes a cherished companion, offering comfort, imagination, and endless snuggles. Our collection of super soft, extremely huggable Jellycat bunnies and other adorable animals, making them the perfect gift for your precious bundle of joy.

6. Alimrose Doll - Make your new bundle of joy's world even more magical with an Alimrose Doll—the perfect choice for their very first dolly. Alimrose is renowned for creating an extraordinary range of beautiful dolls, carefully crafted from linen and cotton, and adorned with special accessories, like Penelope Princess doll.

7. Wooderful Life Music Box - These remarkable music boxes are a must-have item for newborn nurseries and make a fantastic baby shower gift. With their captivating movements and soothing lullaby tunes, they are sure to be a treasured present.

8. Willow by the Sea - Treat your loved ones to some baby products from Willow by the Sea, a 100% certified organic skincare brand which is meticulously handcrafted in small batches, local to us in Newy. Their beloved collection has quickly become a staple among mothers, offering pure luxury for both themselves and their little ones. Buy the bub some Bottom Balm and Baby Oil and the parents will be sure to thank you.

9. You're Here Keepsake Baby Book - Capture the tender memories and treasured mementos from baby’s first year in this keepsake book. A special book that they are sure to look back on throughout the years. Inside you'll find prompts and illustrations that help celebrate the milestones of a little one's new life - from photos to family trees and footprints. 

10. A Baby Rattle - For a newborn discovering the world through their developing senses, a baby rattle is an indispensable toy. Not only does it captivate their attention with its delightful sound, but it also plays a crucial role in enhancing their dexterity and grip. We stock some gorgeous linen and cotton rattles from Alimrose.


We hope that this blog post has helped you in finding the perfect gift to celebrate this new addition to your life. Whether you choose to visit us in store at Zebra Finch Marketown or Zebra Finch Kotara or browse our collection online, we are here to help you make this moment a memorable one as you welcome the newest addition to your family or life.

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