New Tiger Tribe patternation and shape kits

NEW: Tiger Tribe Collection


We are loving all the new stock we got in from Tiger Tribe. Tiger Tribe are seriously make the best packs to keep the kids busy. Tiger Tribe products are packed with play value and come complete with everything needed for maximum enjoyment and creative fulfilment, whilst keeping little hands busy and providing screen-free entertainment. This release has a great mix of packs for indoor and outdoor play.


One of my favs is the Jelly Kite. We have been having lots of windy weather here in Newcastle at the moment, so I think this one would be a fun way to brighten up a bit of a miserable day.


Another great set is the Patternation Eco City kit. When I saw this, I was so intrigued and I wish I had something like this as a kid. This set introduces kids to sustainable urban design practices in a engaging way for children to learn. The kit comes with magnetic tiles which each have their own eco-friendly element on them. The kids are then able to stick these magnets onto a magnetic surface (The inside of the box is magnetic- how cool! So you can do some portable play and chuck the tiles back in the box when you are done)

The whole idea is that kids can create their own green city using the eco friendly element tiles and arranging them in their own unique way. (The set comes with 16 templates to give the kids some ideas)They will learn all about community gardens, recycling, clean energy, alternative forms of transport and other ways to improve CO2 emissions.



When we saw the Explorer Microscope set, we just had to open one up and have a go ourselves. It is seriously impressive! Its a great kit for some outdoor or even indoor play. Its simple to use - their is a small, battery operated light to turn on first, then place the microscope directly onto your specimen, adjust the focus dial to sharpen the image and then use your Guided Field Journal notebook to document your findings!

Explorer microscope set by Tiger Tribe

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