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Introducing a few of the special new releases that have made their way into our stores recently.

If you are a fan of our other Compendium books, such as Maybe, You Belong Here or What Do You Do With An Idea - these new arrivals are just for you.

1. Everywhere, Still -

"And you belong right here, where you're home, and where I hold you close. Of all the wonders I've ever known, you're the one I love the most."

In a world filled with fleeting moments, 'Everywhere, Still' stands as a testament to the enduring presence of our loved ones. Penned by M.H. Clark and illustrated by Claire Sahara Lemp, this Compendium book wraps you in the warmth of belonging and the eternal embrace of those who may no longer be with us but still touch our lives.

Everywhere still book


2. Just One Me

"No matter how big my family, there’s only ever just one me. And even when my family grows, I’m still the only one who knows just how to do the things I do. And now, I want to show you!"

Written by Danielle Leduc McQueen and designed by Justine Edge, 'Just One Me' is a special kit designed for children on the cusp of welcoming a new family member. Inside this kit, you'll find a lovely fill-in-the-blanks storybook and a cuddly koala companion, both serving as gentle reminders for new big siblings that they are cherished and exceptional.


Just One Me - kit by Compendium

3. You're a Grandparent

'A grandparent is so many things — a storyteller, a teacher, a memory keeper. They can make an adventure from an ordinary day. They give us a place to belong, and a hand to hold along the way."

More than just a title, 'You're a Grandparent' is a tribute to the cherished role grandparents play in our lives. Written to capture the essence of their wisdom and unwavering love, this compendium book is a heartwarming gift that acknowledges the unique bond between generations.

You're A Grandparent book

4. I'm So Incredibly Grateful

"Sometimes, someone is just so wonderful that a simple “thank you” just doesn’t feel like enough."

'I'm So Incredibly Grateful' offers an avenue to express gratitude beyond mere words. Written by M.H. Clark and designed by Justine Edge, this book allows you to fill in the pages with sentiments that capture the depth of your appreciation for the remarkable individuals who enrich your life.

I'm So Incredibly Grateful book

5. You Are Something Spectacular

Penned by M.H. Clark and brought to life by Rafaela Pascotto's illustrations, 'You Are Something Spectacular' captures the essence of person's infinite brilliance. It beautifully articulates the sentiment that they defy simple definitions, embodying uniqueness and boundless potential. This book stands as a tribute to the true spirit of a person, each page an invitation to honour celebrate what makes them spectacular.

You Are Something Spectacular Book

6. You Belong Here Plush Bunny 

Our beloved keepsake book, You Belong Here now has it own cuddly companion. Inspired by the touching words of the beloved book and the dear white bunny featured in the illustrations, this super soft bunny toy is more than just a plush companion; it's a symbol of belonging and love. With its comforting presence along with the cherished lines, "And you belong right here, where you're home, and where I hold you close. Of all the wonders I've ever known, you're the one I love the most," this bunny is designed to stay right by your side, offering warmth and comfort.

You Belong Here Bunny Plush


Immerse yourself in the magic of our these new keepsake books from Compendium. These pages hold the power to inspire conversations, deepen connections, and create lasting memories. We are grateful to be stockists for these amazing books in our stores and online. Please feel free to come into our Zebra Finch Marketown or Zebra Finch Kotara to have a look at these special books in person.

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