Craft Roach Book by Rachel Burke
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Craft Roach Book

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One of our favourite new kids books - Craft Roach!

Discover the joy of embracing your uniqueness with "Craft Roach," a super fun children's picture book written by the talented Rachel Burke (@imakestagram) and beautifully illustrated by Daniel Gray-Barnett. As one of our absolute favourites here at Zebra Finch, this captivating hardback rhyming picture book will captivate young readers and leave a lasting impression.

"Craft Roach" explores the themes of standing out and fitting in, and the importance of having the courage to be your authentic self. This book celebrates individuality and empowers young readers to embrace their true colours, no matter the circumstances.

This book is the perfect addition to any child's library, igniting imagination and fostering self-confidence. Its engaging narrative and vibrant illustrations will captivate young readers, while the underlying message of embracing individuality resonates deeply.

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