Coconut and Elderflower Car Diffuser by Ecoya

Coconut and Elderflower Car Diffuser

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Enjoy the delicious scent of coconut and elderflower in your car

The ECOYA Car Diffuser is a small and sophisticated diffuser, designed to sit unobtrusively on your car vent. The Car Diffuser comes with two Fragrance Pods, with each pod made to fragrance your vehicle for up to three months.

Perfume Notes:

Delicious caramel, the essences of Indonesian coconut and New Zealand elderflower inspire an invigorating fruit cocktail scent with lime, bergamot, lemon and pineapple.

- Up to three months of fragrance (per pod)

Have a look at our car diffuser collection by Ecoya to discover the different flavours we have available.


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